The City of Shale

Runt's Thoughts - Chapter Five

Out Of The Frying Pan...


Runt’s Thoughts – Chapter Five
September 17th 2013

15th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

Today I am helping out the Gather with the grand move, my brethren have finally been accepted back to Shale. It is a glorious day for Shale and the Gather. Ton is also helping out but he can’t seem to keep up with my pace, is he coming down with something?

17th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

Today is going to be a great day. Colonel Kesspar no Visstor is arriving – one of the higher ups from the Grey Rangers – maybe he can stop by the club and regale us (mainly me) with his exploits.
He arrives with forty Grey Rangers in tow. The life! He must have some influence. He greets us telepathically (impressive), the others and I greet him verbally but for some reason he does not like my response, maybe he does not like goblinesh.

He then begins to invade my mind and gives me a vision of being tortured the vile bastard, he is actively scanning my mind! I resist – I had not given him permission to enter my mind – if he were to to ask I would have granted it freely as I have nothing to hide. He then tells me telepathically that I need to show more respect, I tell him he needs to show more respect. I don’t expand further as he was in my head and he should know me quite well by now and why I responded in that way. He then has me jailed, never thinking that maybe it’s him in the wrong.

Oh by the life its boring here and the smell! Aren’t these cells ever cleaned? If I am going to be in this cell for a week then it needs a clean. I take my time and begin casting intricate weaves – the dirt and grime flakes away from the walls, floor and what little furnishing there is. By the life it’s much better now.

Godfrey comes by and explains my wrongdoing, apparently I need to respond to higher ups in the Grey Rangers with the prefix “sir” strange I thought that particulate prefix was used for nobles. Live and learn as my grandfather used to say, poor grandfather how I miss you. Godfrey made no mention of the cleaning, I thought he would be pleased, maybe he has other things on his mind, yeah that must be it.

18th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

Godfrey comes by and put me into the custody of my good friend Gailus on special request. I agree of course. It turns out that Gailus has found out who has been blackmailing him – Mr Jones, seem unlikely he is a loveable character who loves telling stories from what I hear and get on well with the children. It could be a guise so I go to investigate…

I open my eyes, somebody, I’m not sure who, pours a foul tasting liquid down my throat. I fall into blackness. I open my eyes again and everything is a blur and my chest feels painful , then something again is poured into my throat.

Shortly after everything comes into sharp focus, my head is pounding and I smell of hops what’s going on I’m scared. I quickly realise my friends are there including Parlee and I smile. I realise it is quite cold out and quickly I realise to my embarrassment that I naked from head to toe! I feel my face going a bright crimson and I hide myself from their eyes especially Parlee. Oh the life I’m never going to be able to look Parlee in the eyes again what must she think? The shame! My friends gather my belongings and I spend some time cleaning them with weaves. Oh life the strench.

Shortly after I am dressed and a riot begins between the goblinesh and the rest of the populace, probably bigoted humans. I try to quiet them down but it didn’t work, I think it may have made it worse then suddenly I am thrown about the square like a rag doll. I fall to the ground and a horde of people run over me and I hear two rapid pops and I scream out in pain and black out.

I come to my friends carrying me towards Lady Winter’s temple for healing, oh the pain is unbearable please kill me now. Lady Winter takes a look at my condition and for once doesn’t seem to think it’s a waste of her time. I am given something sweet tasting and thank the life, everything fades away again.



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