The City of Shale

Runt's Thoughts - Chapter Four



Runt’s Thoughts – Chapter Four
September 10th 2013

12th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

Me and my companions go and visit Godfrey Steele our commander and explain the recent events, and he seem to be understanding of Tully’s need to execute Gunther, however I do not, and believe Tully’s actions should be reigned in. He may have to be kept on a short leash like Ton. Godfrey goes on to tell us about the fact that he is a Grey Lantern, sent here on a mission to investigate the previous Rangers and that they were involved with a Black Lantern. Godfrey has heard through his intelligence network that there may be traitors in the Ranger organization!

Godfrey goes on to tell us about a visitor coming within the week, some high ranking ranger to assess us as rangers. This is interesting and it might be fun to see another ranger with experience. Maybe we can have a quiet word at The Club about his exploits. I have a private word with Godfrey about my reason troubles. Godfrey is very understanding and says he has faith in me. And that he sees a hidden strength in me, this comforts me but I am still worried about the future.

I am approached by members of our group. They want me to persuade Rene to help Visserian, I can’t see how Rene will help in extracting information from Visserian’s captive, I can see him sensing information on character and behaviour but what use would that be? But a child is at risk so I push for him to help.

We travel to the Mohdri house and meet with the prisoner Parlee had seen yesterday (apparently he was playing hide and seek, by the life the naivety!). I am allowed to enter the interrogation room with Rene as this is a dangerous criminal and poor Rene could be at risk going in alone, and with some persuading on Jovander’s part he also was allowed to enter. The whole event was remarkable in itself as Rene entered the room and as the door closed behind the captive began spilling the beans as it were. A remarkable skill! Hopefully Rene can teach it to me, no need for blood shed with that skill.

With the information gained through Rene’s questioning we proceed to the location where the boy is being held. We stealthily approach the building, but I believe Ton gives the game away because as soon as Tully rammed open the door he was attacked! Maybe next Ton should be at a distance and we can call him in when we need a brawler. We made quick work of the thugs – we were forced to crushed them (oh the life it pains me to do this! Why won’t they listen?). I leave the care of the baby in the hands of Parlee, she would make an excellent mother and hopefully me an excellent father.

I meet up with the lovely Lady Fielding . I talk to her about the Gather and Lady Fielding makes it quite clear that she supports reunification of Shale and the Gather. I travel with her to The Club making small talk along the way, shortly after I arrive there I find Lord Harding drinking heavily. I spend much of the evening attempting to cheer up the miserable sod , but in the end all I can do is encourage Harding to go home and sleep it off. I think I need to talk to Tully about his father.

13th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

With the recent events and the cold shoulder from Parlee (what have I done to upset her so?) I decide I need some time with my own people. Ton and I travel toward the gather. When we draw closer I can see smoke rising from the Gather so I head there as quickly as I can with Ton following behind. My brethren are at first hostile, and I soon realize why as we learn that Brandon (Tully’s brother, who apparently looks a lot like Tully himself) arrived at the rise of the sun, asking for the gather’s best trackers and scouts to head east in pursuit of a small Maelstrom patrol. An hour later the gather was surprise attacked by Maelstrom soldiers, whose sole purpose seemed to be killing as many goblinesh as possible.

Enraged by what I was hearing I head eastward picking up on the trackers’ trail. After much time tracking I discover to my horror twenty five corpses of my fallen brethren, cut down and slaughtered horribly. I fall to my knees and wail like a small child, after some time I gain some little composure, and begin building litters. Some time into the building of the second litter I am mournfully greeted by my companions, Kralle and some of my brethren. Kralle comforts me – this is unexpected.

Ton and I stay at the gather helping them rebuild. I notice strange scratches on the right arms of two of the scout-party corpses, I must see Parlee about this or maybe Lady Winter.

14th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

When my companions return to the gather they convey some excellent news! The exile has been lifted and the gather can return to Shale! By the life my work will be cut out for me!



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