The City of Shale

Runt's Thoughts - Chapter One

The Rangers Are Back In Town


Runt’s Thoughts – Chapter One
August 20th 2013.

Me and my companions, Ton, Parlee (The Pretty One), Tully and Jovander have been called by Sargent Cliffside for a meeting where Cliffside and Mayor Harding are bickering about something or other. The bickering of non goblinesh is always amusing as long it doesn’t come to violence. Oh life, I pray there’s no violence. We are told we should make our presence know to the low-town, I am eager to help I resist the urge to shine my proudly presented badge. I have heard this is bad etiquette amongst the non goblinesh.

We arrived in low-town, the smell is just an assault to my senses, there are smells I can only hazard a guess at. The non goblinesh smell bad as well – not as bad as low-town – but how do they not notice? Apart the fae of course, especially the pretty one – she smells beautiful, words can’t describe so I will not try.

Tully announces to this area of the town the rangers are in town and that illegal activity is to stop. Quite fair I think, bravo Tully. No sooner as Tully gave his speech my nose twitches in discomfort as we are approached by two human women wearing very revealing clothing leaving… what’s that human phrase? Ah yes, “nothing to the imagination”. They revealed that they were ladies of the night at least that’s what Gailus told me I should call them and not gutter words like whore… not that he’s interested in such things. These ladies of the night were apparently being beaten by a guy named Reeve which I can not abide. The ladies were guarded by Ton as we went to investigate the situation. I do worry about Ton maybe he was dropped on head as a child or a bad upbringing who knows, simple things seem to to amuse him maybe that sort of world could be pleasant at times.

We approach where Reeve is said to live – oh by the life the door is red! Red doors are said to be a portal to hell, very unlucky! I must brave this and show resolve, to counteract this ill omen I will consume the oesophagus of a trout ground to fine paste stirred in water, tastes foul but wards of the ill omen. I brave my way in and a battle ensues, I had to blast one of Reeve’s minions, I did try and talk him down I really did, didn’t I? I immediately went to healing the poor fool. During my healing administrations Reeve was taken down and hand cuffed, and the pretty one was not here anymore and Ton was here with a Ton shaped hole in the ceiling… oh that’s what that noise was… wait Ton’s here oh life he was given a simple task, probably not simple enough! I miss the opportunity to talk some sense into the dimwitted ogre, as Reeve’s minion awakens thank the life. We meet back at low-town square and find beautiful Parlee talking to these ladies if indeed that is the right word to use. Oh, life the smell the smell!

We arrived back in the main part of town. I believe was Tully shouting at a group of people for some reason. I wasn’t paying much attention, by the life that foul order was still lingering.

There was signal from the north-gate alerting us to some trouble in the mines, we go to investigate and find there was cave in and some creature of the flame attacking the miners. We offer are assistance and Hogback, he gladly agrees. We proceed into the mine. The pretty one is frightened the poor thing, must be her first time encounting such evil creatures. I do my best to calm her. I believe my magical prowess helps to calm.
The pretty one is a caring healer, I am impressed by such beauty and prowess in the healing arts. Her speed is to be amazed. I can’t stop but think that I’m getting in Parlee’s way. But I can’t leave these souls without offering what little help I can.

The following morning Parlee, bone tired and exhausted, leaves for the Temple for rest and sleep. No doubt she will encounter that Winter women, by the life she scares me more than those ratzin! The pretty one is brave.

Maybe when things have quietened down we can have one of those hot water leaf drinks, I believe its called tea. It may lead up the pretty one stoking my elbows with her silky smooth hands. Is that too forward? After yesterday’s encounter with the whores I’m not sure what behavior is appropriate anymore in this town.

It appears one of the miner’s is missing and Hogback suspects him of collapsing the mine. We go to investigate, apart from Parlee she need her sleep the poor dear. I worry for her she been pushing herself too much, but I would do the same. To investigate we need to go to the Gather that means Kralle will call me “little king” again. sigh Thank the life Tully does most of the talking. We find some cryptic notes in Jokar’s Abode saying he was responsible for the mining disaster but it was only supposed to be a distraction?

What is going on in this town?



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