The City of Shale

Runt's Thoughts - Chapter Six

The Plot Thickens


Runt’s Thoughts – Chapter Six
September 24th 2013

19th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

I awake, expecting the pain. No wait! It’s gone, what in the life has that Winter woman done? I grope around downstairs and everything seems to be fixed – thank you Lady Winter! To my embarrassment Parlee is attending me with a warm smile on her face. The embarrassment is too much I just want to ask her to leave me be but then Sergeant Cliffside turns up and offers his sympathy. The shame and the embarrassment – is everyone in town going to visit me one by one? I just want to be left alone.

Cliffside says he understands my pain, bullshit he does, I’m not even sure I understand the pain. Sergeant Cliffside leaves thank the life. If he had carried on I would have run a powerful weave through his unmentionables and then he would come closer to understanding my pain. Lady Winter arrived to see how I am doing – how nice of her – she asks Parlee to leave. Lady Winter goes on to explain how my equipment is not a hundred percent working condition and would be needing additional healing when the stars are right etc, etc… Maybe this is why I’m not filled with my usual lust when I see Parlee – I thought my flaccid response to her had been embarassment, but perhaps not. Jovander visits and conveys his sympathies and fills Parlee and I in on the events that have occurred.

My companions and I meet at Sir Godfrey’s place and fill him in on the events that have transpired. I asked Sir Godfrey whether I need to go back to my cell, he says its okay after what I’ve been through – I go pale from embarrassment and I am fuming inside. I think about challenging him to a duel for that insult, but then I think better of it – I hate that goblinesh tradition anyway.

We group up after meeting Sir Godfrey and begin to discuss matters. Parlee mentions the dark figurines to Tully – our resident socio-path who immediately begins to interrogate her. Parlee is on the spot and her comments don’t seem to appease Tully. I am about to step in but then the bell begins to toll indicating a returned patrol, and danger.
My friends and I rush to the north gate where we discover the two surviving members of the goblinesh patrol we’d sent out to investigate the delayed ships. It seems a force of Prelacy is blockading the river, and the patrol was attacked without cause while investigating. Parlee rushes off to the temple at the mention of the prelacy.
Ton, Tully, and I go to see Kralle at Bastard’s. Our greeting is hostile, and even after some persuasion the guards do not let me inside. Do they not know who I am? I am Kralle’s friend – there must be some mistake. Nevermind, I’ll see Kralle later about this matter, I’m sure it’s nothing.
Tully, Ton and I visit Mr. Jones. They ask him about the events of yesterday, suspecting he may know more than he’s letting on, and he apologies profusely for revealing my apparent drinking problem… Hold on, I’ve never touched the stuff! Something is going on here. His explanations seem legit, but I have a niggling doubt at the back of mind. Before we leave Mr. Jones tells us some story about a fat lion but I couldn’t care less.
Tully, Ton and I go to meet my good friend Gailus to discuss the matter of his blackmail, it seem he has been asked not to investigate further or Visserian will be told. Gailus takes me to one side and discusses my flag pole problem with a little more tact then others have. He offer to examine my endowment to see if he can get it working at full mast. I politely refuse, I’m not sure, but I think maybe he is making pass at me. I’m flattered of course, but not interested, I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship. Maybe I’m reading this wrong.
We arrive at the temple and meet with Lady Winter. After reminding us – mainly Tully – that she has no requirement to let us search the grounds, she lets us in anway. I apologise for Tully’s rudeness. I spend some time with the wounded administering aid, I hope I’m not getting in Lady Winter’s way. I watch closely as Lady Winter cast her healing spells – fascinating the weaves seem to come from her fully formed. Tully arrives with disappointment and rage on his face. He didn’t find anything, oh that’s a surprise maybe there was nothing to find you nut job.
My friends and I return to the keep and meet up with Jovander, who has managed to decipher the the letter. It seems that Brandon Tully’s younger brother is in fact a member of the Black Lantern, working deep undercover. Godfrey explains that whatever Brandon is doing must be for the greater good. So Tully is wrong again why am I not surprised – always jumping to conclusions.

20th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

We meet up at the docks with Sergeant Cliffside and several of the town militia. I use this chance to practice magical formulas and arcane mediation – I discover the ley line are shifting, they aren’t suppose to do that! I try to investigate further with my arcane senses but Ton’s terrible wailing puts me off. The life! He is worse then a child sometimes.
As night fall we decide to make camp but some distant voices attract our attention, we move along the riverbank to investigate the origin of these voices. Parlee disappears from my field of view and I panic a little – where has she gone? Suddenly we are ambushed by prelacy scum, I panic and hide behind Ton, I have never feel so scared in my life. By the life what is wrong with me? I gain some little self control and enhance Ton with some weaves and run towards Tully and Jovander and enhance them also. Ton loses himself in combat and goes crazy with his tree. I panic and cower behind Jovander and Tully hopefully they did not see. I gain my self control yet again and try to calm Ton down.
After the battle has concluded I start to bury the the bodies. My friends think it a strange thing to do. They seem to prefer them rot away with no proper burial rites – how uncivilised. It is an indescribable joy to know that I, a goblin, perform the burial rite for these prelacy scumbags.
Later I discover that the prelacy were carrying a weird contraption that seem to detect Parlee when she’s hidden in the combat. A curious device composed of intricate wires which Ton points out as crysarium. When did Ton get such insight? Did he eat a book?



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