The City of Shale

Runt's Thoughts - Chapter Three

Death Sentence


Runt’s Thoughts – Chapter Three
September 3rd 2013

9th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122
Today I go and see my lovely and always charming friend Galius. To discuss why he was entertaining the Erimar delegation, It turns out that that whore’s son Captain Gullen, (my i’m getting good at these insults) blackmailing my friend. The cowardly bastard he will pay. I do not see what Galius has to has to be afraid off.
I wonder if Parlee has received my flowers yet. My heart beat just gets a tiny bit faster being near. How I long for her sweet embrace, oh Parlee, may be I should write a poem.

Later that day my companions and I make haste tracking the villain Gunther Breck . Dust coame quite quickly and we made camp . Parlee and I spoke a little about are selves. Apparently she is from Camonere area she seem put off that I am tho. (Have I said something wrong?) A patrol from Kralle’s Gather arrive and I welcome them with open arms they join us by the campfire and agree to help with the search for Gunther. They play a strange gambling game tho they do not let me participate something thinking i’ll cheat.(do there sorcerers at the Gather cheat disgraceful.)

10th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

Jovander’s informs us that Gunther’s force was met by a larger force, probably soldiers. (hes just guessing at the soldier part.)Jovander notices a set of tracks of savage childer beast known as a minotaur.. (Ton will be happy, but poor Parlee I will protect her.) During are travels we discover a Erimar camp and further down the way we find Gunher Breck’s camp and army of over a hundred armed men may be two hundred. Are friends from the Gather confirms that the guards are Maelstrom soldiers. We decide to contact the regiment from Erimar. My companions believe if the Prelates are still with them then they should oppose them.

We arrive at the encampment and discuss the matter with Captain Gullen and his Prelacy masters, they are quick to swing into action.
It angers me something terrible to be around these bigoted scum, i’ll need to to watch these prelacy carefully they could turn on us at any moment. I do not worry for my safety or Jovander, Tully and Tonj just Parlee she can be awfully naive at times. The prelacy could probably get her to go Camonere with them and then be sold into slavery thinking there going for cup of tea.
Time that proceeds is a haze to me acting on instinct and to survive, I remember casting weaves so poor my ten year old self would laugh. They did the job tho. I remember being on a horse Tully’s I think a out control beast, I thought about running a weave through its head to make it stop. Then thought better of it (It be Tully’s prized horse). I felt revolted to my core as the weaves as a extension of myself lanced through my foes bodies.

The criminals throw down their weapons and surrender but before Gunther can say a word he is cut down by Tully. Ton grabs two of Gunther’s men and smashes them together. Tully about to execute Visserian I hear a whistle follow by a curse from Tully’ (did a horse just kick him?). I use this opportunity to gallop in on Tully’s horse and weave the weapon away from Tully’s hands, I do my best to calm down Ton , I even unleashing a weave at the maddened Ton. (by the holy life that was exhausting) .

11th Day of Eternal Sun, 3122

I followed by Ton go the Gather visit with Kralle and fill him in on what had occurred out in the wilds. I feel that now would be a good time for Kralle to visit Shale (perhaps to help bury bridges in the face of larger threats). Kralle in still intend on calling me “little king” may be I should call him “large weird one”.

For the coming days I am gonna to chat with that lovely Lady Fielding about inviting Kralle to the Council argument seasons. As input from Gather is drastically needed as all kinds of hell will break loose.
I will need to see Godfrey about my recent encounters and also about the recent deaths I have cause praise be to the life.
It pains me something terrible the deaths I have caused. There deaths seem to have attached themselves to my weaves and in turn my aura. I am close to a break down. But I must stay strong for Parlee. The thought of her will keep me strong…I hope.



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