The City of Shale

Runt's Thoughts - Chapter Two

We Are Shale!


Runt’s Thoughts – Chapter Two
August 27th 2013.

Upon returning from the Gather, Ton, Tully and myself meet up with the others and inform Godfrey of our progress. Parlee seems in better spirits today, it is to be expected as I doubt she has seen ratzin before. She need not fear as I will be there to protect her, even at the cost of my life and maybe even my soul. Life preserve me is this what a beautiful women does to the mind of a man?

We receive urgent news of murders on a merchant vessel, the scene is most foul and I almost bring forth yesterday’s meal or maybe it’s that vile concoction I had to take to ward those ill omens that seem to be everywhere! I gave Parlee a reassuring smile to help comfort her, then I thought better of it, if I smile she may think like this gory scene which I don’t. And my elbows will never feel her gentle hands.

We search the vessel but we find no evidence. There was no sign of Cliffside so we head for to his house to find a wounded Cliffside beneath rubble being attacked by ratzin. Parlee runs in to assist Cliffside (has she done something different with her hair?). Ton engages the horde and I see Parlee’s life is in immediate danger and pool as much arcane strength as I can muster towards the eradication of the ratzin horde. They explode in a shower of gore. Tully and Ton go after the ratzin leader and I follow but the recent casting and lack of sleep had taxed my strength so I tail far behind to be over taken by the pretty one.

Cliffside tells us a person going by the name of Brandon arrived at his house and unleashed the ratzin upon him. He thinks they were looking for his copy of the manifest which indicates stolen cargo due for Lady Winter. Tully seem angered by this, apparently Brandon is Tully’s brother who was though dead. This seem like a time for happiness not anger, I wish I had a brother.

Our group minus Tully go to see the perpetually grumpy Lady Winter, we find out from her that indeed it is her cargo with reagents for warding.

At the start of another day we attend the weekly argument session. Lady Fielding motions to improve relations with the local Gather by removing the imposed exiled status. I like her but she is no Parlee, maybe she would be my second. We are instructed to escort a delegation (Captain Gullen and two Prelates from Camon) from Erimar around Shale. I hate having to escort these prelate scum around but this is the duty imposed upon us.

Later that day Tully asked us for moral support for meeting up with an old friend at the Last Resort. Tully is talking with a women called Shaila, she seems distracted and knocks a bottle of Erimar 3109, obviously a bit clumsiness on her part. As quick as a flash I catch the bottle with an arcane weave and place it gently back on the table. She looks disappointed and puzzled. I am puzzled by her disappointment. In raised voices a book is mentioned and they go out back. Maybe this is a pretence for elbow rubbing, Tully comes back ten minutes later unhappy. Maybe there was no elbow rubbing.

We escort the Erimar delegation to The Club, where the Erimar delegation do their best to convince the wealthy club members of the benefits of working with Erimar, they are fools the lot of them the Prelacy will be running things in Shale and Erimar before to long if they aren’t already in Erimar.

I haven’t seen Ton in a while I hope he isn’t causing trouble life preserve us. By the weave he is talking to a prelate, saying something about the Gather the imbecilic fool. I quickly thread a weave and whisper gently in his ear to stop talking, he goes to investigate the voice, the dumb ass.

With our escort duty over with, Tully wishes to see Rene (my friend) in the library and question him about Brandon. After some threats from Tully and raised voice to Tully from me, Rene reveals that Brandon had been researching local geography and history When Brandon began to inquire about the Flame, Rene his revoked access from the library . Of he did he is not a idiot.

Parlee seem quite worried about the Prelacy being about. Who wouldn’t be? She needs cheering up maybe some flowers would help. Women love flowers for some reason. I thought Gailus would know about flowers so I asked him what a kind of flowers a pretty young women would like he gave me a sly smile and recommended red roses. I brought twelve roses from a local florist and left them at the steps to temple addressed to Parlee with no mention of who they where from. Gailus told me women love secret admirers.

What is going on in this town with Erimar, The Prelacy scum, Brandon and the Ratzin. Can I stop Tully’s need for his brother blood? Human are weird.



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