The City of Shale

Ton's View of Chapter One

The Rangers Are Back In Town


Chapter One – The Rangers Are Back In Town
August 20th 2013.

I started my day being called to the large building near the center of town. When I got there the rest of my new ranger buddies all ready inside. As I was trying to get into the building I could hear Mayor Harding arguing with someone and my fellow ranger buddies all pitching in. When I did manage to get in through the door Mayor Harding was arguing with the human in charge of the navy men. He was complaining about being down on strength, but all human armies are under strength to me. Mayor Harding was reluctant to spare any human but with a little persuading from the human in shiny armor he spared 8 guards.

As we were leaving to building we were asked to go squeeze some of the scum in the smelly part of town, which made me happy so show off my new friends and to test my authority, not that anyone has not done what I said.

When we arrived the shiny human gave some sort of orders like he has done this type of thing before and we were approached 2 very unclean female humans. They were complaining about someone and the rangers thought this needed dealing with, they all marched off down an ally but I stayed to play with these 2 skanks. As my buddies went down the cramped ally the 2 female humans called out to the man they were complaining about? I heard a few arrows and shouts from the ally so I told the 2 human females to stay and I made my way down the ally. I got to the building they were standing out side of and smashed my way through the door way revealing a dark room, I could see 2 heat signatures in the back and another 1 running up some stairs.
The shiny man ran past me, up to the 2 men and unleashed his sword upon one cutting him almost in two and then up the stairs. Then some smashing went on and the tiny green skin lit the room with magic and the other filth was gone.

The tiny green skin made his way up the stairs to join the chase so I grabbed the limpy elf and smashed my way through the ceiling to the next floor where I was greeted by shiny man chasing pointy man. I charged at the pointy man just as he was leaping for the window and put my full weight into grabbing and pinning him. The others caught up and started to question him but I was crushing him and shiny man ask me to let him live so he could face his crime, which sounded like something a ranger would do.

We then split up, shiny man, Runt and I took the pointy man and his minion who Runt had smooshed then unsmooshed!??!?! up to the keep on the hill, the pretty one took the dirty female humans to Lady Winter and the limpy elf was making a fuss about his tea.

When the 3 of us were at the keep some overly slacking humans got shouted at by shiny man Tully which amused me. Then a guard alerted us to a problem at the mine, at which I charged off knowing the mines are a dangerous place and there are a lot of innocent people working there including Roak Hogsback who is a friend to me. I arrived just before the others who were on horse back to horrible news.

The mines have had a collapse in shaft 4 with miners still in and an attack from some hideous giant rat like creatures in shaft 5. We all made our way down to shaft 5, I had to clear some rubble before I could get through but Tully and Jovander were able to charge on in.

As soon as I could fit I smashed through and Jovander had somehow got surrounded by these things, I let loose my strength and squished 3 of ’em and threw one down into the next tunnel. There was a thrilling fight of smashing, slicing and magic to clear this room, I proceeded into the machinery room because the other was filled with gushing water. I was confronted by some more giant rats and some miners who were defending the machines. After we smashed these rats and told the miners to get out I saw everybody dropped to the floor just as the machines exploded. I got the full force of the boom but it just made me a bit dizzy, as I looked to check everyone else I noticed the pretty one and Runt huddled around my feet for cover.

There was still some shouting coming from deeper in the mine but the tunnel leading was very small so Tully ran off alone, then there was a very loud bang and Tully carrying a drawf came flying past us back into the room we had just cleared, but this room was now breaking and falling down we had to get out now.

We barely escaped and we saved half the miners even though most were injured. Roak demanded we stay and help get the remaining survivors from shaft 4. We all stayed except Jovander who needed to head of for his pudding which doesn’t seem as important to me, but the rest of us worked though the night clearing rubble and helping the injured. When we got out the survivors we had a chance to talk to Roak and find out some more information. It turns out an Orc named Jo-Kar is still missing and he could of caused the collapse in shaft 4. The pretty one Parlee was very weak form the healing and went back to her temple while Tully, Runt and myself went to my home to talk to this Jo-Kar.

Upon arriving at the Gather I warned Tully that he might not be liked by the leader Kralle but he did not seem at all phased by this, he obviously hasn’t met Kralle before.

We searched Kralle out at his home in the center of town and asked about Jo-Kar, Tully seemed very quite compared to what he was in the smelly part of Shale, maybe he felt out of place around so many orcs and goblins.
Kralle took us to Jo-Kar’s house for us only to find him dead, suicide by poison the only thing we eventually found was a note saying “bury me where I was happiest”. After some investigation we ended up at the orchids to find a buried box of notes which Runt read aloud. Tully seemed overly shock by the letters which he revealed was written by his dead brother, I don’t understand how a dead guy can write a letter let alone blackmail an orc.

What I am now thinking is where to next and who is behind this?



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