Andalius Layshona

Renowned Actor and Swordsman


A heroic level swordsman with excellent persuasion and a high charisma.


Andalius is an extremely attractive alakar who appears to be in his early thirties. An extensive (and expensive) skin care regimen and regular exercise has left him with few wrinkles and a body that looks like it was carved by a master sculptor. Andalius has long, thick hair which is naturally quite wavy but he has it straightened with hot irons every morning.

Friendly, agreeable, and naturally charming, Andalius is somewhat softly spoken but has a natural aptitude for socializing. He comes alive when talking (or practicing) his twin passions – swordplay and acting, though in recent years his swordplay has taken a backseat as his acting career takes up more and more of his time.

Only son of Visserian and Arianna Mohdri (notorious criminals), Andalius was brought to Shale at an early age. He was kept insulated from the family business and was afforded the best education that money could be. Consequently he was able to seamlessly integrate with the upper classes in a way his parents never could – and when his natural talents for acting became obvious he spent much of his time in Shale’s theater, learning the art of acting from noted playwright and director, Gailus Layshona. When his parents left Shale a decade ago, Andalius moved in with Gailus and several years later they were married.

Andalius travels the Wildlands with his husband appearing in productions (usually written by Gailus) to great adulation. His work is known throughout the Southern Kingdoms and has earned him considerable fame and fortune.

Andalius Layshona

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