Arianna Mohdri

Wife of Visserian Mohdri, criminal


Arianna is a veteran level combatant with a high stealth and great skill with throwing blades. She has an extremely high charisma, persuasion, and insight – a true expert in diplomacy.


In terms of appearance, Arianna is considered by many to be the epitome of alakar grace and beauty. Her flawless skin, lustrous lips, and immaculate hair and make-up (at all times), coupled with naturally suggestive poise and body language make her irresistible.

At all times Arianna demonstrates a calm, soothing, and gentle demeanor that can calm even the most aggressive individual. Always knowing exactly what to say in any given situation, Arianna is an excellent example of a perfect hostess, predicting the needs and wants of those she is in contact with and providing them in a subtle but always accurate manner. It’s extremely hard to ruffle Arianna’s feathers – but she has been known to lose her composure when her family is in danger.

Daughter of Morden (a high level Red Store operative), Arianna was born into the upper echelons of the criminal underworld. Her every need was taken care of as a child and she received all detailed education and training as she was groomed to become a future member of the Red Store. All this was put on hold when she met the street-thug, Visserian Mohdri, who won her heart. The pair eloped (to much fury from Morden) and ended up arriving in Shale (around 3107). With a small child and no prospects Arianna begged the local criminal boss (and Red Store agent) Gunther Breck, for work. After some communication back and forth with Camden, Visserian was grudgingly given a low-level position. Over the years Arianna opened up a small antiques store from which she assisted her husband in the business.

When Morden have Arianna’s husband, Visserian, instructions to kill Andalius as a means of showing respect and loyalty to the Red Store (which he refused to do), Arianna left Shale (with Visserian) to hunt down and kill Morden. Leaving under a cloud of suspicion after their role in manipulating political affairs in Shale, Arianna is believed to have settled in Camden with Visserian, where no doubt they are continuing their shady criminal enterprises.

Arianna Mohdri

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