Father Claude Boudreaux

Shale's Priest


His fighting skills have atrophied in the last decade or so but Claude is still a seasoned level combatant. He is also a Priest of Light with access to a number of healing, supportive, and defensive spells.


Claude appears to be in his early thirties but his often sombre and weary expression makes him look considerably older. Of average build and height, Claude’s distinguishing feature is his bright red hair.

It’s said in Shale that Claude must have taken a vow to Archanon while training as a Priest to never laugh – while that is certainly fatuous it’s true that Claude very rarely smiles, though in conversation he is not overly negative. A solemn, sometimes monotonous voice completes his persona as a man not known for joyous outbursts, but this same sense of seriousness has also given him a great respect and authority from the followers of the Light in Shale.

Claude was born in Camon and was immediately subjugated to all the propaganda and brainwashing of the Prelacy. Like many young men he signed up with the military and for several years he campaigned with his fellow soldiers against the “depredations of the lesser races” and “irredeemable magic-users”. Captured by our heroes in 3122 he was brought to Shale for judgement but Tully Harding was able to reach through the years of Claude’s brainwashing and a connection was made – rather than being hung Claude was put into Tully’s custody, and after a trip to Archanaya, Claude converted to worshipping the Light.

With the retirement of Father Hayes (who Claude has worked directly under for several years), Claude took up the role of Head Priest in Shale, where he works tirelessly to alleviate suffering, seek out and aid those in need of redemption, and spread the word of Archanon to all of Shale’s growing citizenry.

Father Claude Boudreaux

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