Second Magister Ravik (aka Runt)

Shale Councilman, Grey Ranger Cpl, and Second Magister



Agility d6.
Smarts d10 (d12 – Seasoned 1).
Spirit d8 (d10 – Novice 1).
Strength d4.
Vigor d6.

Evading d4.
Insight d4.
Knowledge Arcana d8.
Knowledge Cosmology d4.
Knowledge Nature (d4).
Notice [d4]
Persuasion d6.
Repair d4.
Sorcery d10 (d12).
Stealth d6.
Taunt d4.

Pace: 6 (+0)
6 (Base).

Parry: 4
2 (Base) +2 (Half Fighting Die).

Toughness: 5
2 (Base) +3 (Half Vigor) -1 (Racial) -1 (Hindrance).

Special Items

Everwood Staff
Two years ago, after spending the night under the great boughs of an enormous oak, Runt awoke to find a small, straight branch propped up in front of his sleeping roll. Even more odd was the fact that it wasn’t actually propped up against anything – it just stood there, leaning against nothing yet not falling over. Runt has yet to discover who left it there for him or what exactly it is – but he has learnt to pull forth the Essence contained within it, using it as his magical staff. (+5 Essence).


Screw The Prelacy! (Minor).
Runt has seen first hand the evil that permeates the culture and people of Camon. Runt cannot stand the Camonere people and particularly their government and soldiers.

Addled Mind (Minor).
A string of terrible injuries in his youth combined with the natural propensity for Sorcerors to suffer minor damage from their constant study of that which should not be seen has warped Runt’s fragile little mind and he is occasionally distracted by magical emanations and weaves at the worst of times.

Runt of the Litter (Major).
Ravil was the smallest of his litter and struggled to survive as a baby, afflicted again and again with various illnesses and maladies. It wasn’t long before his peers began to refer to him as “Runt” and the name has stuck ever since.

Pacifism (Major).
Having suffered considerably in his short life, Runt has no stomach for seeing the suffering of others. He will always try to avoid violence if possible, and favours the gentle treatment of prisoners.

Other Statistics

Starting Edges
Charming Nit
Jack Of All Trades

Sorcerous Powers
Arcane Bolt (Bolt).
Protective Weaves (Armour).
Minor Telekinesis (Legedemain).

Experience (60)
Nov 1 – Attribute Spirit
Nov 2 – Extra essence
Nov 3 – Power (Armor) (4 essence)
Nov 4 – Jack of all trades
Seasoned 1 – Attribute smarts
Seasoned 2 – Edge (Mage)
Seasoned 3 – Edge (Essence Link)
Seasoned 4 – Edge (Tower of Will)
Seasoned 5 – Power (Telekinesis) (10 essence)
Vet 1 – Versatile Nit, Fast Learner.
Vet 2 – Spellcasting, Nature, Notice.
Vet 3 – Arcfire Edge.


Ever since Ravik was little he was always bullied, as the years went by it got worse and worse. When Ravik’s coming of age ceremony approached he took the opportunity to leave his tormentors and has not looked back since. Avoiding gathers (fearing mistreatment) and heading south, Ravik spent some time in Camon, but found their hate-mongering ways too different from his views on equality. He left again and journeyed farther south, coming upon the lightly forested hills of the Wildlands.

Ravik spent a year exploring the beautiful countryside, visiting various settlements and places of beauty. He finally settled in Shale. While there is some mistrust of goblinesh in the town, Runt’s charismatic persona quickly ingratiated him into the community, and up until recently he made a living escorting people through the Wildlands.

During the Maelstrom attacks Runt used his untrained sorcery to defend the people of Shale – people whom he had begun to see as family. When Godfrey Steele approached him with an offer to join the Gray Rangers, Runt could not refuse – he is very proud of his new position in the community.

Second Magister Ravik (aka Runt)

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