Gwen Harding

Tully's wife


Gwen is a veteran level combatant and a Paladin with good social skills.


Tall, lean, and athletically built, Gwen stands out in a crowd – particularly with her shoulder-length red hair. She dresses practically and has the poise and movement of a trained warrior, though these days it’s rare to see her with a sword sheathed to her side.

A still-born child ten years ago (and an inability to conceive since) have left Gwen in her thirties with no children. This fact weighs heavily upon her and can be seen in her face in quiet moments. Coupled with martial issues, Gwen carries a lot of weight on her shoulders, but like the dedicated Paladin she is, she carries the burden well – always friendly and congenial in public. Gwen is at her happiest when working with the children of the Shaleborn Academy – who call her “Angel”.

Gwen Harding

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