Father Roderic Hayes

Retired Priest of Shale


A heroic level Priest of Light with access to a number of healing, supportive, and defensive spells.


In his late sixties, Roderic Hayes has a pronounced stoop in his posture that reduces his height to around 5’ 7" (though in his prime he neared 6’). Average in build and weight, Roderic’s distinguishing feature is his tonsure – a recurring trend amongst Priests of the Light that he adopted many years before it became popular.

Hayes is a gentle soul, dedicated to the tenets of Archanon. He is quick to smile and loves nothing more than bringing laughter and joy to those around him. This passion for the Light can be a little stifling at times, particularly when Hayes has the opportunity to speak in front of a large audience, but his disarming manner prevents him from seeming too overzealous.

Born in a small town in Galea, Roderic was actually a late convert to the Light, having spent much of his youth apprenticing as a scribe. When the economy in the local area bottomed out, so did his prospective work, and it was with little enthusiasm Hayes found a job half a province away at a small Church. Surprising himself, Hayes fell in love with Church-life and realized that this was his true calling. After his training Hayes felt that he could make a real impact farther afield working as a missionary out in the Wildlands and so embarked on a four year journey in that dangerous area. Unfortunately, Hayes was manipulated by Morden while attempting to bring the Light to Camden, and ended up traveling to Shale to set up a Church there (with Red Store funds). As time went on Hayes realized his mistake but justified it as an overall benefit to Shale. When his source was discovered in 3122 Hayes was formally reprimanded but remained in charge of the Church.

Father Hayes retired recently to embark on his final travels. Using his savings, he is traveling around Galea, visiting old friends and family before he returns to Shale to settle down for good.

Father Roderic Hayes

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