First Magister Jasper Timberset

First Magister of Shale's Arcane School


Jasper is a heroic level sorceror with a very extensive array of spells (mostly utility). He has an extremely high knowledge of Arcana and Cosmology.


“Dragged backwards through a hedge” is the description most of Shale’s residents would give Jasper if asked. Certainly this blond dwarf of average height appears to believe that grooming is a distasteful (possibly even imaginary) practice. The cause of his unkempt appearance is understandable, however, as he spends nearly every waking moment in study, teaching, or experimenting at the Magister’s Tower.

It’s well-known that sorcerors (particularly those who have been practicing sorcery for a long time) often demonstrate quirky behaviour. Jasper’s eccentric behavior demonstrates in a propensity for being easily distracted, talking extremely quickly, and becoming very obsession with various arcane projects. He is the very definition of an absent-minded professor.

Little is known of Jasper’s childhood (he explains it was all very mundane) but was is known is that he took to magic at an early age, despite his family’s wishes, and struck off on his own to seek magical training. Years of failed enterprises and bad-luck led to Jasper being manipulated by the Red Store to come to Shale and perform magical experiments for their benefit. When our heroes uncovered the conspiracy and rescued Jasper from his plight he was immensely grateful and promised to repay his debt. Ever since then Jasper has been a tremendous boon for Shale, assisting Roke Hogsback in the mining of Crysarium, acting as a magical advisor to the council, and also running the Magister’s Tower.

Jasper spends most of his time running arcane experiments at the Magister’s Tower, often skipping meals and ignoring other activities in favor of more work.

First Magister Jasper Timberset

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